Claddagh Series 3 Elevator Controller

Claddagh Series 3 Elevator Controller is most simplified and reliable control system. Advanced microprocessor technology has consolidated PC boards to eliminate many component parts. Modular design is retained to ensure essential maintainability. UL certifications confirm safety code compliance.


  • Simple to install, adjust and maintain
  •  ASME 17.1 and 17.5 Code compliance
  • No-proprietary
  • On board Diagnostics
  • Modular design
  • LED indicator for all inputs and outputs
  • Redundant, self-contained processors monitor safety, increase control reliability, and enhance noise immunity
  • Field wiring can enter from all sides
  • Wall mount or free standing
  • Lifetime support commitment
  • Training class


  • Modernization or new construction
  • Gearless or Geared Motor
  • Open – Closed loop
  • Low, Mid and High rise
  • Up to 1200 fpm


Max Car Speed1200 fpm
ConfigurationSimplex, Duplex, Triplex
StopsUp to 32
Drive TypeFrequency, SCR and MG Drives
Motor ControlOpen loop or closed loop/velocity feedback 
Landing Systemssolid/perforated tape, magnets
MonitoringREMS 2.1.5
Code ComplianceASME 17.1 and 17.5
Environment14º-140ºF Humidity non-condensing up to 95%
Standard Enclosure36″ w x 48″ h x 18″ dEnclosure size may change per specific application