CTS10U Feed Through Terminal Block

These Feed Through Terminal Blocks are the most versatile terminals for Control, Automation, Instrumentation and Power Distribution applications. A specially designed flexible foot enables easy mounting and dismounting from the 35 or 32 mm rail. with the help of a screw driver. These Terminal Blocks have marker holding recesses to accept marking tags for circuit identification.

More details

Terminal Block Pitch10 mm
Height x Width47 x 43 mm
Connection Possibility 
Stranded Wire1.5 to 10
Solid Wire1.5 to 16
Stripping Length12 mm
Insulation / Comparative
Material     Tracking Index
Polyamide 66 / I
Type of Connection2 Screw clamps and 1 tapped hole for cross connection
Rated Connection Capacity
22-6 AWG
16-6 AWG
Voltage Rating
600 V
800 V
600 V
Rated Impulse Voltage / Pollution Degree
8 KV / 3
Current Rating
65 A
57 A
65 A
14 lb-in
1.2 Nm
14 lb-in
Other Approvals
Ex, CE, IEC, TUV,S Mark, AEx ell Ex ell

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