Claddagh Series 3 Hydraulic Elevator Controller

The Claddagh Series 3 Hydraulic Elevator Controller is a PLC system that offers superior performance, flexibility, and reliability. It has been designed to save time in installation and troubleshooting.


  • Simple to install, adjust and maintain
  • ASME 17.1 and 17.5 Code compliance
  • No-proprietary
  • LED indicator for all inputs and outputs
  • Solid state control replaces relays
  • Field wiring can enter from all sides
  • Wall mount or free standing
  • Lifetime support commitment
  • Training class


  • Modernization or new construction
  • All Hydraulic Car Speeds
  • Low rise


Max Car SpeedAll Hydraulic Car Speeds
ConfigurationSimplex, Duplex
Starting optionsElectronic Soft Start, Y-Delta
and Across-the-Line
Landing Systemssolid/perforated tape, magnets
Code ComplianceASME 17.1 and 17.5
Environment14º-140ºF Humidity non-condensing up to 95%
Standard Enclosure32″ w x 32″ h x 12″ dEnclosure size may change per specific application