Electronic Stepper

Replacement Stepper for:

Armor, Curtis, General, Haughton, Otis, Payne, Seaburg, Turnbull, Westinghouse and other steppers.

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  • All wiring is done via pluggable terminals
  • Onboard Position Indicator for viewing floor position
  • Battery back floor position for power outages
  • Wiring diagram for your stepper, showing the existing stepper with the new stepper

Power Requirement:
120/240V AC, Jumper Selectable 25 VA Max

Input Voltage Range:
24 to 300V AC or DC

All five (5) inputs are opto-isolated from each other. Typical labeling for inputs are: Step Down, Step Up, Bottom Reset, Middle Reset, and Top Reset.

Up to 63 positions and up to 8 rows (or banks). Each output has onboard contact suppression. For high inductive loads, a Diode-Resistor kit is supplied to enhance relay contact life.

3" H, 5 1/4" W, 6 7/8" L for 16 floors Armor Stepper. Size will vary depending upon the number of floors and the number of banks.

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