Claddagh Electronics Ltd.

About us

Claddagh Electronics, Ltd. has been in business for many years, established in 1986 by Bill Casey and Angelo Mottola. Claddagh has fast become one of the top leading manufacturers in the elevator industry. Serving all of the United States and most of Canada, our most popular items being the IP8300 Landing Control System, and the Electronic Stepper, compatible with Armor, Haughton, etc.

Most of the products were designed because there was a need for something better. As a result, a product line was born. We can also accommodate you with no charge for custom design work if your new design is to be exclusive, and there is a promise of large quantities. If you don’t plan on large quantities, we can arrive at an agreement that will be palatable to both parties.

Claddagh is the first choice of discerning professionals in the Elevator Industry and we want you to think of us first for all of your needs.

Technical Support

We have been committed to ensuring the support and training that customers need to successfully install and maintain Claddagh Controllers.

It’s important for us that you accomplish the successful installation, and also maintain our controllers at top operating performance, so you meet your financial objective and minimize troubleshooting time.

With our training class, we will improve your knowledge of our products and help improve your Return on Investment.

For Technical Support please contact us.

Training Classes

Training classes provide a better working knowledge of installation, operation, and maintenance of Claddagh controls. 

Learning correct techniques and methods in a simulated training environment will keep your expenses low, and your return on investment high.

This training will improve your return on investment through:

  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Better elevator operation
  • “Tips and Tricks” from control experts
  • Time and labor-saving resources and capabilities

For more information about the training classes please contact us