Door Restrictor

Our Door Restrictor is designed to work with any type of controller using 1,000,000 cycles rated, outdoor solenoid. With battery backup good for up to a month. Manual picking of the solenoid with a two-stage button. Adjustable timer to delay the picking of the solenoid during traveling through Door Zone. Works with the original leveling unit, or with a photo-sensor and reflective tape. 


  • Designed to be universal and work with every type of controller
  • Works with positive or negative logic
  • Using relays with the corresponding coil voltages of any controller
  • Easy to wire, simple to install
  • Using the minimal amount of signals necessary
  • Works with a photo-sensor if there is no leveling unit
  • Battery backup
  • Switch for manual picking
  • Warning light while switch is on
  • Adjustable timer (0,1s increments) for delayed pick
Door Restrictor Download