Altech Safety Relay OA 5611.1131-C


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Product description



Altech Safety Relay OA 5611.1131-C

Rated Voltage 110V

Voltage Range 77-145V

Coil Resistance 20150 Ohm


  • 4 output contacts
  • International approvals: TÜV, UL, cUL, CSA
  • Quality control check for each safety relay
  • Forced-guided contacts, all gold flash plated
  • Contact Gap > 0.5 mm throughout life of relay
  • Various contact materials, mixed contact material optional
  • High coil voltage range
  • High switching voltage
  • High breakdown voltage: contact/coil > 4 KV
  • High creeping distance: contact/coil > 8 mm
  • Crown contacts
  • Solid connection between coil and contact housing
  • Compact size
  • Custom design available,
    -coil voltage
    -IP67 washable
    -contact pressure
    -coil resistance
    -operate/release time
    -low power dissipation models
    -Manual test relay (slide activated)