Dynapar Series HR525 Encoder

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Product description



  • Ultra-reliable, heavy-duty Size 25 (2.5″) encoder
  • Unbreakable code disk
  • Complete electrical protection and noise immunity
  • Environmentally sealed to NEMA4/IP66
  • Up to 1024 PPR with optional marker pulse

The unbreakable code disk meets the demands of the most severe shock and vibration generating processes; and a long life 80 pound (352 N.) bearing that keeps tough loads from disrupting internal alignment, avoiding failure due to the disk “crashes” so typical in competitive encoders. Protection against installation problems such as wiring errors prevents the encoder from damage, while immunity to electrical noise keeps the encoder signals intact. A NEMA4 IP66 sealing option protects against damage from contamination.

Packaged in an industry standard 2.5″ enclosure, the Series HR25 offers a variety of mechanical options: servo or face mounting, and 1/4″ or 3/8″ shafts. Electrical options include: resolutions from 1 to 1024 pulses/ revolution; bidirectional operation with optional index; single ended open collector or push-pull outputs, or differential line drivers; and a connector or cable exit terminations.

The Series HR25 utilizes the latest technology optical emitters and sensors, surface mount assembly and precisely fabricated metal components to deliver a high reliability and performance in a compact and economical package.

Mechanical / Environmental Features

  • Unbreakable, code disk and long life 80# bearing available
  • Extended temperature range available
  • Industry Standard, Size 25 Form Factor
  • NEMA4 / IP66 washdown rating option

Electrical Features

  • Noise Immune to ESD, RFI and electrical transients
  • High current outputs
  • Over-Voltage protection
  • Reverse Voltage protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection

Shaft Loading: (at 0.25′ from encoder face) 80 lbs. radial, 80 lbs. axial
Shaft Speed: 10,000 RPM max.
Shaft Runout: 0.001′ max. TIR
Moment of Inertia: 3.0 x 10-4 oz–in–sec2

Ultra-reliable, heavy-duty Size 25 (2.5′) encoder
Complete electrical protection and noise immunity
Environmentally sealed to NEMA4/IP66
Up to 1024 PPR with optional marker pulse

Code: Incremental
Resolution: 1 to 1024 PPR (pulses/revolution)
Accuracy: (Worst case any edge to any other edge) ±7.5 arc-min.
Format: Two channel quadrature (AB) with optional Index (Z) and complementary outputs
Phase Sense: A leads B for CW or CCW shaft rotation as viewed from the shaft end of the encoder
Quadrature Phasing: 90° ± 22.5° electrical
Symmetry: 180° ± 18° electrical
Index: 180° ± 18° electrical (gated with B low)
Waveforms: Squarewave with rise and fall times less than 1 microsecond into a load capacitance of 1000 pf