IC693CPU323, 10 Slot CPU Chassis, GE Fanuc 90-30


Embedded CPU Baseplates 10 slot

Revision Number: IC693CPU323X

  • The CPU type cannot be changed.
  • They do not support the use of expansion or remote racks, so these racks do not have an expansion connector like the modular CPU baseplates do.
  • The models 311 and 313 are 5-slot baseplates, and the model 323 is a 10-slot baseplate.
  • Since they do not require a plug-in CPU module, all numbered slots, including Slot 1, can be used for I/O or Option modules.
  • The memory back-up battery is located in the Power Supply module; so if the Power Supply is unplugged from the baseplate, the battery will be disconnected from the memory circuits, which are located on the backplane circuit board. However, the backplane circuit board contains a high value capacitor, sometimes called a ”super capacitor,” that can store enough charge to maintain the memory circuits for about 1 hour if the Power Supply is removed or its battery is disconnected. For additional details on this subject, please see Chapter 6 of the Series 90–30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual, GFK–0356P (or later version).
  • There are no configuration switches or jumpers on the Model 311, 313, or 323 baseplates.
  • An embedded CPU baseplate is always assigned, by default, Rack Number Zero(0).