KEB Combivert F5 (TTL Feedback) Frequency Inverters

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Product description




KEB COMBIVERT F5 provides different levels of power ranges that can be precisely tailored for the application. Identical operation, handling and tools optimize the installation, start-up and service.

The drive generation KEB COMBIVERT F5 offers the following features:

  • Standard inverters for open-loop applications with rated power of 0.37 … 15 kW
  • Universal line with extended software and I/O functionality up to 90 kW.
  • Open-loop and closed-loop line of inverters for applications currently up to 900 kW.
  • small mouting footprint
  • large die IGBTs
  • power circuit gives low switching losses
  • low motor noise with high carrier frequency
  • extensive protection for over- current, voltage and temperature
  • voltage and current monitoring in static and dynamic operation
  • short circuit proof and ground-fault proof
  • noise immunity in accordance with IEC1000
  • hardware current regulation
  • integrated temperature controlled cooling fan
  • PM motor control capable
  • Synthesized-pre torque for roll back compensation
  • CE compliant and cULus listed
  • extensive functional capabilities
  • DPC – Direct Position Control
  • Stationary Pole Identification

The software version A.S.C.L. (Asynchron Sensorless Closed-Loop) is top-of-the-line technology to operate asynchronous motors to achieve excellent speed and torque accuracy open-loop.

Model Number for Ordering
(Manufacturer’s P/N )

14 . F5 . A 1 E – PL P 2

F5 Series

  • Unit size:
    14 = 10hp
    15 = 15hp
    16 = 20hp
    18 = 30hp
    20 = 50hp
    22 = 75hp
  • Control stage:
    A = Appl – supports all motors in closed loop speed, torque or position control. Additionally can operate opne-loop induction motors.
  • Accessories:
    1 = Braking transistor (standard)
    3 = Braking transistor and EMI filter
  • Housing type:
    E, G, H, R, U
  • Voltage ident.:
    R = 460V 3 phase
    P = 230V 3 phase
    L = KEB US Elevator Drive
  • Feedback Card:
    0 = none installed at the factory
    D or B = TTL input, TTL output
    J = HTL input, TTL output
    M = SINCOS, TTl output
    P = ENDAT, TTL output
    V = Sin/Cos-SSI, TTL input
    Z = UVW, TTL input
    9 = UVW encoder, TTL output
  • Unit identification:
    2 = software/function V1.60 / CPU v4.0
    3 = special hardware