Magnetek – DSD 412 DC Elevator Drive


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Magnetek’s DSD 412 is the DC drive of choice throughout the elevator industry and the world. These drives can be used on both geared or gearless elevator systems for new construction or modernization projects. Our DSD 412 is an economical and efficient way to replace older DC drives or motor-generator (MG) sets. It virtually fits any analog or digital application and sets up quickly.

Versatility is what makes the DSD 412 one of our most popular drives. It offers a broad range of application features and an expansive range of ratings from least demanding to the fastest and heaviest cars. If ever there was a “workhorse” of a drive with versatility, the DSD 412 DC Elevator Drive is your best candidate for the job.


  • Completely Digital Solid State Drive – No analog adjustments, and, less maintenance, down time and costly repair bills.
  • High Torque Capacity – Peak torque rating of 250% easily accommodates acceleration requirement for
    mid- to high-rise buildings.
  • Self-Tune Capability – Immediate motor/drive compatibility for faster start-ups; vital for modernization projects.
  • Ultra Smooth Torque Reversing – Bumpless
    transfer of motor current and torque from
    motoring to regenerating at all speeds even with balanced load.
  • Unique Elevator Speed Regulator – Providing no overshoot at the end of acceleration or deceleration.
  • Power Line Regeneration of Overhauling Loads – Returns electrical energy to the power system for
    maximum efficiency and minimum overall power
    consumption. No heat producing resistors used.