Redundant Safety Board 2


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Product description



The Redundant Safety Board is a microprocessor control monitoring system to independently check several critical safety issues as required by code.

The microprocessor receives position, direction of travel and velocity information from the IP8300+ perforated tape reader in the shaft-way. In addition to the tape reader, it also receives Slowdown Limits and Door Zone information. Force-Guided relays contacts are checked for proper operation. Uncontrolled motion is also checked.

DC LEDs showing the state of the AC Inputs.

Two expansion ports for RSM boards making possible the use of the Serial IP board (For cars up to 600 fpm)

Inputs, Outputs and Ports:

  • 6 times 8 AC Inputs with DC LEDs showing the state of the Inputs.
  • 14 AC outputs to control the Rope Gripper, the Frequency Drive Auxiliary Relay, the Safety Circuit auxiliary relay etc.
  • 2 Serial Comm ports
  • 1 port to read the Hole Counts of the Perforated Tape
  • 2 extension ports for RSM boards
  • 24VDC Power