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The IP8300-Plus uses a hall effect sensor in conjunction with a magnetic target – very much the same as a mechanical magnetic switch works with a target or vane.

The hall-effect sensors can be configured as:

  • A single sensor – single output
  • Two sensors in parallel – single output
  • Two sensors in parallel – single output (as in Door Zone)

The outputs are usually a relay contact output with contact suppression but can be supplied with transistor open collector output.

IP8300-Plus 2″ Tape
P/N IP8300-2

A 2″ wide tape is fastened at the top of the shaftway and is secured at the bottom of the shaftway with a spring-loaded bracket. The hall-effect sensors are housed in a floating head located on top of the elevator. The 2″ tape is divided into three 1/2″ rows with a 1/4″ clearance on each edge of the tape. The sensors are polarity sensitive. Because of north and south seeking sensors, the 2″ wide tape which has three (3) rows may in effect be expanded to six (6) rows.

The IP8300-Plus is used for new installation and also replaces existing installations. Some of the existing installations are Otis 140M and 6850 selector “pie plates” – also Westinghouse tape switches and inductor vane type.

24″ H, 3″ W, 3″ D.

IP8300-Plus 3″ and 4″ Tape
P/N IP8300-3; P/N IP8300-4

The 3″ wide and 4″ wide tape units are the same as the 2″ wide tape unit except it can facilitate five (5) rows for the 3″ wide tape and seven (7) rows for the 4″ wide tape.


  • Modularity: relay, power board/box, cable, sensoer head and guide assembly
  • Regulated power supply with LED indication
  • Each output with LED indication
  • Each contact output with contact supprestion
  • Plugable terminal for field wiring
  • Box size, 5 3/4″ x 7″ x 2″
  • Sensor head, easily removed by unscrewing two thumbscrews
  • Socket mounted replays
  • Socket mounted IC’s
  • Power for leveling unit 90Vac to 135Vac
  • Normally open and or normally closed
  • Leveling unit with unique floating guide system which insures minimum wear of tape guide
  • Tape guide secured with thumbscrews