KEB Combivert R6 Regenerative System

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Product description




The kinetic energy of AC motor drives is often an unutilized energy source.

The compact new product KEB COMBIVERT R6 is designed for power supply and regenerative operation for inverters and servo systems.

The efficient utilization of energy and resources is more important than ever.

Higher efficiencies of electrical and mechanical systems reduce the energy consumption of machines and systems. To slow these high efficient systems down the motor operates as a generator and converts more mechanical energy back into electrical energy.

It is now effective to return the energy to the utility grid.

The KEB COMBIVERT R6 power supply and line regeneration control is a newly developed solution to efficiently return the energy to the utility. The regen units R6 are designed to operate on 3 phase line voltage (230 … 500 VAC) and provide high DC voltage to DC fed inverters and servo systems.

The modulation of the R6 in conjunction with the use of a commutation choke generates harmonics. The harmonics are reduced below international standards with harmonic filters KEB COMBILINE. High frequency EMI interference is damped below industry standards with EMI filters KEB COMBILINE. These filters can be mounted underneath the unit saving panel space.

Benefit from the advantages of returning energy to the utility grid – We have complete solutions and the following modules available: Regenerative unit – commutation choke – and harmonic filter.

Unit identification
(Manufacturer’s P/N )

15 . R6 . s 3 E -9 0 0 A

R6 Series

  • Unit size:
    15, 19
  • Control:
    S = 1B.R6
  • Options:
    0 = without pre-charging
    1 = pre-charging
    3 = Pre-charging, DC-fuses
  • Housing:
  • Voltage:
    R = 3-ph.; 180…550 V; AC
  • Reserved:
    0 = default
  • Design:
    0 = default
  • Type:
    A = Heat sink (standard)
    B = Flat Heatsink